FIRST on FTVLive! Tegna to Shutdown News Operation

FTVLive told you FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY yesterday, that Tegna has decided to pull the plug on their Northwest Cable News operation in early January. 

As FTVLIve reported, a staff meeting was called at KING-TV in Seattle yesterday afternoon and employees were told that NWCN will be shutting down on January 6th. 

The staff was told that KING is looking to find other jobs within the company for those affected by the shutdown. They have been told they will have to reapply for the other jobs within Tegna. 

The staff was told that low ratings and their contract with the cable companies coming to an end was the reason for closing up shop. 

"They're staffing has been so bad over the last year it was pretty much expected," said one staffer to FTVLive. 

Employees were told that the company was not going to make the news of the cable channel shutdown public just yet. 

Oops! Looks like FTVLive let the cat out of the bag.