Anchor Leaves Station without a Word (Thanks to Sinclair)

Viewers have been wondering what happened to WICS (Springfield) Anchor Maggie Poteau?

One minute she's on the news, the next minute she's gone. 

Well Poteau has left the station and TV news altogether. WICS owner Sinclair did not give her the chance to tell viewers goodbye.

She took to social media to inform viewers of her life outside of news:

For weeks I have been very quiet on social media. I have been in the midst of a big transition. This week I began a new career in a new industry. I am now the Marketing Manager for the Springfield Illinois Convention & Visitors Bureau. I am overjoyed at my new career and lifestyle change that promotes work life balance.

For those of you who have sent me direct messages asking about my whereabouts because you have not seen me on the local evening newscasts, please know that this is the first time in my broadcasting career in which I was not given the opportunity to say goodbye. I deeply regret that. I hope you can understand why I was unable to share the information sooner.