Returned to Roger

Ohio University confirms that it has sent Roger Ailes half a million dollar check back to the disgraced former Fox News boss. 

The school says that it  returned $500,000 to Ailes shortly after the university announced it was removing Ailes’ name and an associated plaque from WOUB Public Media’s newsroom wall.

According to statements requested from the university, OU returned the money to Ailes on Sept. 15, three days after OU President Roderick McDavis announced to OU Faculty Senate that Ailes’ name and the plaque would be removed from the wall.

Ailes had initially donated $500,000 to fund renovation of a student-and-faculty-used newsroom and classroom on the third floor of the OU Radio-Technology Communication Building.

OU spokesperson Carly Glick said in an email Thursday that the money came from an “unrestricted (OU) Foundation account, which is the same account that originally received Mr. Ailes’ gift.”

Meanwhile, OU has not yet said what will happen with a scholarship that currently bears Ailes’ name.

“There are no new updates relative to the assessment of the named scholarship,” Glick said.

H/T Athens News