Murdoch Wants Kelly to Decide One Way or the Other

If you read between the lines, it appears that Megyn Kelly and her contract talks are not going well.

How's that? 

Fox boss Rupert Murdoch has decided to take the negotiations to the media, which is almost never a good sign. 

Murdoch, who rarely talks to the media, called the Wall Street Journal and basically said it's time for Kelly to shit or get off the pot. 

Kelly's contract does not expire until July, but Fox News wants to button her up before her book comes out next month. 

Asked if Kelly would stay at the channel, Mr. Murdoch told the WSJ she is important to the network and he hopes to get a contract signed “very soon,” but noted, “it’s up to her.”

Murdoch said he is kept abreast of the talks “every minute of the day.” While he doesn’t want to lose her, he said, “we have a deep bench of talent, many of whom would give their right arm for her spot.”

For the final year of her current deal, Kelly is set to receive about $15 million, people familiar with the matter said. The people said she is seeking an average annual salary north of $20 million for her next contract—which would put her on par with Fox host Bill O’Reilly.

Murdoch said money isn't an issue in the talks.

Let's just say, if the contract talks were going along smoothly, Murdoch would not have picked up the phone and called The Journal. 

Kelly declined to comment.