Trump TV Launches (Sort Of)

People have been talking about how when Donald Trump loses the election, he is going to launch "Trump TV".

Trump didn't wait until after the election, he did it now, sort off.

"Welcome in to Trump Tower live," Trump senior adviser Cliff Sims said at the start of a Facebook live. "We're excited to be bypassing the left-wing media," Boris Epshteyn said.

Yes, just like the little kids down the street from me, Trump has launched his own newscast on Facebook Live. 

"Trump Tower Live" is for those that think Fox News is too far left. 

It is likely that this is as close as Trump TV will ever make it. Let's be honest, Donald Trump lost money on casinos, does he really think he can make money with a TV station?

But, after the election, a TV station might be his only choice. Sure, Jeff Zucker will give me a gig on CNN, if he wants it. But, you know Trump wants more. 

Thanks to his election year antics, the Trump brand is basically shot. Trump was selling his name to developers and companies, but unless the KKK wants to build and apartment building, that name is not worth much anymore. 

The residents of "Trump Place" high rise in New York are signing a petition to get Trump's name off the building. They say they are embarrassed to say they live there and their friends are making fun of them. 

So, Trump TV might be Donald's only avenue left. 

What shows would we see on Trump TV? I have no clue, but here are a few ideas:

"SAD!" It would be Trump coming on the air each night and telling us everything wrong with our country. 

"Make Her a 10" A show about pretty women with small breasts. They come on the show and a doctor gives them implants. As Trump says, it's very hard for a flat chested woman to be a 10. 

"The Situation Room with the Grand Wizard" The KKK has their own show, where they talk about how they can rid the U.S. of minorities.

"Grab Her Right in the Pussy" This is a game show where...well you get the idea. 

"This Old Wall" Bob Villa stops by to show Donald how to build a better wall. 

"Hannity" This one needs no explanation.