Howie Kurtz: The Press Wants Trump Gone

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz says that the press want his BFF to just go away and now they are ganging up on poor Donald Trump, by printing mean things that Donald Trump actually said. 

Kurtz says, "there has never been a major party nominee for President...who has been the target of such and un-relentless hostile wave of media coverage."

Which leads us to believe that Kurtz did not watch Fox News coverage of the two races that Obama was involved in?

Kurtz says, he's not blaming the media for any potential Donald Trump loss, but that is EXACTLY what he is doing.

He claims the media will be high fiving each other when Trump loses. 

Kurtz says for the first time in his lifetime, the media is openly for one candidate against the other.

Again....Howie, you work at Fox News, you do watch the channel from time to time....right? 

Kurtz says that 2016 will be the year that proved the media aligned itself with the Democratic party. 

Funny, never once did he mention how Fox News has always been aligned with the Republican party, which were guessing is the way Kurtz thinks the media should lean. 

Here's the deal Howie, Hillary Clinton may turn out being a very bad President. But, Donald Trump would be straight on dangerous to this country, it's citizens and surely for the people that want to try and find a better life in America. 

The media has an obligation to tell their readers, viewers or listeners that this guy is dangerous, unstable and a chauvinist. I can assure you that if Trump was running as a Democrat, the same stories would have been reported as they are now. No question in my mind. 

Do you know why people look at the media as being so biased? It is because of one group. The cable news networks. 

Cable news dragged the media down this path. Cable news has made people in this country hate more. For at least the last decade, cable news has done nothing to make this world a better place.  Cable news is the cancer that infected the entire media and has taken a once proud job and flushed it down the toilet.

Whether is the liberal crap coming from the mouth of Rachel Maddow or the pure hate from Sean Hannity, or CNN's lack of almost any journalism at all (hello missing plane), cable news does nothing to make this country better. 

Blame the "left wing media" all you want Howie, but it's Roger Ailes, Jeff Zucker and whoever is running MSNBC that has made America hate again. 

Cable news and the idea of putting crap on TV is what got Donald Trump this far. 

Do you really think Jeff Zucker and others want Trump to lose? They want the race to be close, so that Trump challenges the vote, they want Bush/Gore on steroids. It's not about who wins or loses, it's about ratings and money. 

TV news gave up the viewer's interest years ago. It's now about shareholders, money and ratings. 

You say the media will be giving high fives to each other when Trump loses. It sure beats giving  "Heil Hitler!" if he wins. 

You're not God's gift to journalism Howard, your a puppet for Fox News and you will stay on long as that message lines up with the GOP. 

Your network is no better than CNN or MSNBC.

Donald Trump says "Make America Great Again." I for one think that America is already great.

I would like to see someone come along and make TV news great again....because let's be honest, it hasn't been great for a long, long time. 

OK...I'm stepping down off my soapbox now. 

Here is Kurtz's take on the media not playing nice with his friend Donald: