Resurfacing in LA

Back in June, FTVLive told you that longtime KCBS Managing Editor Pete Wilgoren was shocked when all the sudden he was told he was being fired. 

Wilgoren wasn't happy about losing his job, but he also knew that it was part of the business and there was no time to have a pity party. 

At the time, Wilgoren took to his blog and gave some advice to himself that might be good advice to anyone that was fired in this crazy business. 

Well, you can't keep a good man down. 

Wilgoren looked at opportunities outside of LA. He went to San Francisco for interviews and in the end, there was no packing, no telling the kids, "we're moving", no headaches. 

He landed a new job at KTTV right in LA. 

It's true, when one door closes, another opens and sometimes, it's right across the street. 

H/T Julian