I Quit....

"I Quit...." those are words that many people wish they could say to their boss each and everyday. 

But, the rent isn't going to pay itself and the car payment sits there waiting for a check each month. So, you swallow those words and go on doing your job. 

But, sometimes you meet someone that was lucky enough to say, "I quit." They did, what so many of you want to do. 

Sonni Abatta was the main Anchor at WOFL in Orlando. That was until 2 weeks ago when she quit. She pulled the trigger. She really did want to spend more time with her family and it wasn't just a line. 

Abatta has left TV news and has now started a Mom blog, you know, because 5 million Mom blogs were not enough in the world. Sonni thought the world needed 5 million and 1. 

One of her first posts, post Anchor gig was about quitting her job. Her second post was about why her baby's shit was green.

Ahhhh.... the things Mom blogs talk about. 

Abatta is a good writer and has no problems laughing at herself, which is a perfect trait in a blogger. 

Although, we think she would have got much more traffic as a porn blog (because, let's face it, unlike mom blogs, there is not enough of those) she blew off our advice and went with the mom thing.

Anyway, if you want to know what it felt like to tell you boss you quit, you live through the eyes of this former Orlando Anchor. Here's the link to the quitting post. 

I promise you reading it, won't turn your shit green.