News Director leaving the Carolina's

Sources tell FTVLive that WCTI (New Bern) news Director Scott Nichols is jumping ship.

Nichols is leaving the station just as New Bern area is experiencing the worst flooding in decades, Nichols announced his departure Thursday.  

Bonten Media Group, which owns WCTI recently said it's exploring selling off their stations.    

WCTI insiders say the station is barely keeping its head above water.  It's slogan 'Accurate and Reliable' isn't so much.  During last week's hurricane Matthew coverage the station went off the air for hours after loosing power.  This after a new generator was installed several years ago to keep things just like this from happening.  

Sources say,  while WCTI's competitors were using state of the art cellular live back packs, WCTI relied on antiquated microwave trucks and  consumer grade video cameras that just couldn't keep up.    

Nichols has been at WCTI since 2012.

Where's he going?   Sinclair-owned WSET in Lynchburg, VA.