Getting Back to Work

Pardon the Pun, but WGRZ (Buffalo) Sports Director Adam Benigni is getting back on the bike.

Back in September, FTVLIve told you that Benigni was knocked off the air after being involved in a nasty bike accident. Benigni was hit by a car while riding his bike near his home. 

Well, just in time for the November book, Benigni  is slowly working his way back to his sports gig. 

“For this week anyway, it’s almost kind of a day-to-day type thing, based on how I feel,” Benigni said Wednesday night. “If you read about post-concussion syndrome, the one thing I do get is a little fatigued. You kind of hit a wall.”

He is working part-time while making his comeback. He hopes to be back full-time in the next week or so. 

H/T Buffalo News