The Crying Game

They say there is no crying in baseball, but that's surely not the case with TV news. 

Sometimes covering the news can even breakdown the most harden news person. Look, TV people are human and sometimes they cry. It's not that they want to (most times) but it just happens. 

It's spontaneous and most viewers can understand. But, when the station's turn the tears into a news promo, well, that's crossing the line. 

While covering Hurricane Matthew, two news Anchors cried. 

Longtime WJXT Anchor Tom Wills cried before the storm got to Jacksonville and WTLV's Katie Jeffries cried after it left. 

Both stations tried to milk the tears for viewers and that's when a human moment, turned into a promo is wrong. 

How long before we see news anchors blubbering all over the air, so they can have their own promo. 

News people sometimes cry, when those tears are turned into a promo, that's when we do. 

Here is the video's first with Katie Jeffries and followed by Tom Wills: