The Story Changes When it's one of Their Own...

A racist social media post by some girls in a central Pennsylvania school district is drawing condemnation from students and parents. 

The 4 white girls are pictured holding a sign that says, "You Stupid Nigger."

Now, where this hits home, one of the girls in the picture is WHP (Harrisburg) Chief Meteorologist Tom Russell's daughter. 

The station covered the story, but did not mention Russell's name. They wrote on their website: "A student in the photo is a family member of a CBS21 employee. The person is outside of the car and in the background of the photo. We are told she was not aware of the sign being held in the front of the photo."

The station blurred the image, so you could not recognize the kids in the photo. Russell has made no mention of the incident on his social media. 

You have to wonder, it this was the Harrisburg Mayor's daughter, would the station have mentioned the Mayor's name? It would have have just said, a city employee's daughter is in the picture?

Is WHP covering this story fairly? 

The story appears to be big enough to be the lead story on the station's website, but yet they still don't disclose who the employee is?

The school district has issued this statement:

"The Central Dauphin School District is aware of the offensive racist post on social media by students who attend Central Dauphin High School.  First and foremost, this type of speech and behavior contradicts the principles and core beliefs of equity, humanity, and dignity that we try to teach our students.  We have begun an investigation to determine the facts of the case and the appropriate disciplinary response."

"I think it's a travesty the African-American children that attend the school have to deal with that while trying to get an education," said parent Nicol Brown. "The fact they openly post something like that shows no fear of reprisal," she said.

She said she sent the post to the high school principal at 4 a.m., and he responded that the school is dealing with it. "The students should be held accountable. It's tantamount to bullying and there is zero tolerance for bullying," Brown said. She said the discipline should be more than just detention, and that they should be removed from any sports teams they may be on.

We get that this is a tough predicament for both Russell and for the WHP. But guess what? His daughter put both her dad and the station in this mess. She needs to learn that there are repercussions for her actions. 

Blur and ignore it all you want, but kids need to learn the hard lessons and fast. 

Just saying...

H/T PennLive