NBC is About to Shave Their Bush

It appears that Billy Bush is about to have a lot more time to spend in locker rooms.

Sources say that NBC and Bush are negotiating a separation agreement and Bush could be gone by the end of the week. 

This will be the second Bush that Donald Trump has taken out this election.

Word is that NBC knew that if the video of Bush and Trump talking back in 2005 got out, it was going to be bad news for Bush. 

NBC released the video, only after the Washington Post beat them on the story. NBC claimed that they were holding the story because lawyers will still looking at it. Some are claiming that the reason NBC was delaying their release of the video, they were trying figure out how they could edit some of Bush's comments out of the video. 

NBC has proven that it is not very good at handling these kinds of situations. When the video first surfaced, many were shocked that NBC was going to take no action against Bush. The video released on Friday and yet NBC had planned to let Bush anchor the Today Show on Monday.

But, as the outcry grew louder from both outside and inside NBC, the network decided to suspend Bush. Only when, it was all but certain Bush could not recover, did NBC then start working on a separation agreement.

Think back to the whole Brian Williams mess and how NBC fumbled that. 

But, if Bush is whacked or bushwhacked (see what I did there?) for and 11 year old video and Brian Williams is still employed for lying multiple times to viewers, is that really fair? If you put Matt Lauer in place of Bush on that video, would NBC have fired him? 

It seems the line is always moving inside NBC and it is clear that when it comes to crisis, the network is not very good. 

Now, can someone give Bushy a hug?