Is Billy Bush looking to Sue NBC?

Forget the hugs, Bushy might be looking to sue. 

The New York Post says that Billy Bush is blaming NBC for the leak of the tape to the Washington Post, and may even sue. It is believed someone at NBC News leaked the tape to make it public ahead of the debate, because of frustrations that “Access Hollywood” had planned to air it the following Monday.

A source close to Billy says, “He told people at NBC about this tape. What if there was a transcript of the tape, and high-level discussions about when to release it? Which executives were involved, and why did they decide to suppress the tape until October, when they could have aired it in August? Was it an oversight or a strategic decision by NBC to affect the race? Billy was far from the only person at NBC who was talking about the contents of this tape. On-air talent does not make the decision when to air stories like this.”

The paper says that Bush has been looking to hire a “high-power fixer.” But at least he was smart enough to refuse Trump’s offer to “help” with some positive p.r.

A tipster added: “Trump offered to handle some of the press, but Billy thinks his best course of action is to keep his distance.”

Reps for NBC and Bush had no comment.