A Big Thank You!

Not long ago I told you guys that my old laptop had finally given up the ghost and I would need to buy a new one.

I asked if any of you wanted chip in and help poor old FTVLive with this purchase?

A number of you did!

People gave anywhere from $10 to $250 to help get us back online when we are away from the office.

I can't begin to thank those you that saw it in their hearts to give us a few dollars and help out this website.

I'm happy to report, this morning I went to the Apple store and purchased a new MacBook Air!

I would love to see how it looks and fire it up, but right now the Boss is using it:

If she ever gets off the box, I will fire up the air and get it setup for posting stories on FTVLive.

Thanks again to all of you that helped out.

It means more than you will ever know.