I've Been Hacked!


Today I went to the local grocery store and purchased a few items, my total bill was $6.82.

I ran my debit card through the scanner, put in my password and "Transaction Denied" popped up. I figured I hit the wrong key while putting in my password, I went through the process again. "Transaction Denied!

I log onto my app for my bank and it showed that I made a $970 purchase at Best Buy in Tampa on Monday. I haven't been to Tampa in 5 years and I surely wasn't there yesterday. 

So, I call my bank and after jumping through hoops, they have taken my dispute claim and will investigate it. In the meantime I was popped for a number of insufficient fund charges that my bank tells me I can't get back until my dispute claim is investigated and ruled in my favor. 

Tomorrow, I have a number of bills, including my mortgage due and my checking account is short $1000+ dollars.

So, how's your day going?

....because my day sucks and worst part of it, I still don't know what my debit card bought at Best Buy.

I hope it was something cool.