Yes the BriWi Story was an April Fools Joke

FTVLive's story this morning that NBC Anchor Brian Williams was going to co-host the Today Show and anchor NBC Nightly News for the May book was our entry into the April Fools joke pool.

We thought that it was fairly clear after the first paragraph or so that it was a joke. 

I mean, dropping Lauer off in the middle of Afghanistan with no crew or no money isn't something NBC would do.

Wait....maybe it is.

OK..... theAl Roker hiding Twinkie's and HoHo's is totally believable, but Hoda and Kathie Lee hiding the hard liquor in a cubby in Studio 1A? Everyone knows that the booze is locked up in their dressing room. 

But, I figured the part about Ann Curry anchoring the news with a stagehand under the desk with a stun gun was a sure give-a-way that it was a joke. Not the stun gun part, I totally wouldn't put that past NBC. But, NBC letting Ann Curry Anchor Nightly? Come on man! There is no way they would do that.

Anyway, we loved the fact that many of you fell for it.

I got a call from a radio station that wanted me to go on their air to talk about the story. I told them I'd be glad to, but the story wasn't real. They said thanks but no thanks and hung up as quickly as they could.

A large newspaper emailed us and wanted some quotes for the story about BriWi and Today. I emailed them back and told them to check their calendar and get back to me. They never did (I'm guessing they figured it out).

That was FTVLive's joke for April 2013 and we're done with fake news stories for the rest of this year. We'll leave that for TMZ and others until April Fools 2014.

We're already working on a good one for that day.

Stay tuned....