What's Up with you Dude? Vol. 4


Let's open up the old email box, clean out some spam and answer some of your questions in another installment of "What's up with you Dude?"

Email 1 - Did you work with Robin Meade? I ran into her once and she said you and her worked together at some point. 

Scott- Being the media whore that I was (I'm a recovering media whore now), I have worked at a lot of stations and have had the pleasure of working with a number of people who have had their careers move on to bigger and better (while my career continued the downward spiral till I ended up at the bottom, doing this website). Here are just a few of the people I worked with and my short take about them.

Robin Meade (HLN) - Quite simply one of the nicest people I have ever worked with.

Shepard Smith (FNC) - I worked with Shep, but never really got to know him. But he was a very hard worker.

Gary Tuchman (CNN) - Great guy and also a hard worker.

Rick Sanchez (all over the place)- Rick really is a good guy that does not take himself nearly as seriously as he would have to believe. It's almsot like Rick knows he's a parody of himself.

Obviously, working at so many stations over the years, I worked with hundreds of people. I would say that 80% of those people were good decent people that cared about their job and doing it well.

Then there is the other 20%

Email 2 - Are you a liberal or a conservative? I can't tell.

Scott - Good! My goal is never to bring my political leanings to this website. I slam and praise MSNBC and Fox News accordingly. They do something good, I write about it. They screw up I write a little more about it. I'm not associated with any political parties and have registered as an independent for as long as I can remember. I guess if I was to pick a party, it would be the Ice tea Party, I drink about 8 glasses a day. 

Email 3 - I added you to my LinkedIn contacts and you have not responded. What's up?

Scott - I have said this before, I have over 500 requests for connections on LinkedIn. Between my website, Facebook and Twitter, I really just don't have the time for another Social Media website. To be honest and you can ask anyone that knows me, I'm really not that social to begin with. 

Email 4 - I love FTVLive! It's my first stop every morning!

Scott- Thanks and we love you right back. Today marks two months since FTVLive broke down the paywall and went to being a sponsor supported website. 60 days straight and we haven't taken a day off. And speaking of sponsor supported, let's go to the next email. 

Email 5 - Scott, Our company is looking to spend some ad dollars on the web. We would be interested in advertising on your site, can you give me some info?

Scott - Glad to see that you are interested in putting and ad on FTVLive. I'm sorry to say that right now, all ad space is sold out. I have a few other companies on the waiting list. I'll add you to that list if you want me to. BTW, your company has to be one that we believe in your product. We will not put up ads for just anyone. It's just the way we do business. Well, unless you pay us a boatload of money...then we'll sell out to anyone.