4000 Miles and We are Sold

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Back in September, FTVLive told you that I bought the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

This past week, my LEAF went over 4000 miles and I can tell you that I'm 100% sold on the electric car.

The Nissan LEAF runs on batteries that you charge up by plugging the car in. The car takes no gas and it will run, depending on how you drive it, 70-100 miles on a single charge.

The LEAF is not a good car if it's your only car. When I make a trip to Orlando, I can't take the LEAF. But it is an awesome second car.

I bought the LEAF back in August and in that time I have only purchased 3 tanks of gas for my other car (Hummer H3).

5 months and only 3 tanks of gas adds up to a lot of money saved at the pump. 

People often ask me, what about my electric bill? How much has that gone up?

Actually, so far my electric bill has gone down. The reason being is a bought the car at the end of the summer, which means my air conditioner has not been running non stop like it does in a Florida summer. 

I will really know, how much my power bill is going up next summer.

In the past, I have owned a Jaguar, Porsche and a Corvette and I can say that the LEAF is every bit as fun to drive than those cars. 

As the technology improves, the range on electric cars will increase and the cost will come down. I leased my LEAF for 3 years and I expect by the time my lease is up, the next gen will be even better. 

After driving 4000 miles in the LEAF..... I can say that my next car in 2016 will also be electric.

I'm sold.

BTW the picture above is my Nissan LEAF (the red one) charging up at a local area mall. 

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