Google Glass and FTVLive's First Review


I have had my Google Glass Explorer edition for just about a week now and I want to give you some first impressions. 

I will follow up with more info as I continue to wear Glass and use it.

When you first start wearing Glass it seems a bit strange, you can see the display in your peripheral vision. But after wearing it for a few hours you don't even notice it, until you use it.

Google Glass works over WiFi and hooks to your phone via Bluetooth. I have an iPhone 5s and glass and the iPhone do not get along very well together. You can use them together, but you can't use all the features on Glass.

That's expected to change in the next few days as Google is releasing an iPhone app.

Of course, if you know me, you know I couldn't wait. I got my hands on the Google Nexus 5 running Android 4.4 and that gets along with Glass perfectly.

Using Glass to send and recieve texts is by far and away the thing I use it for most and it works flawlessly.

I see the incoming text in the display and I respond by just speaking my response to Glass. I love this!

I also use Glass to quickly scan my emails. When an email comes in, Glass alerts me. I just look up and can see who the email is from, the subject and a few lines of text. I can tap on  Glass and read the entire email. but it is just much easier to do that on my phone.

The thing I like, Glass gives me a preview without having to dig out my phone. If it's an email that can wait, I just forget about it till later when I have the time. 

Glass will also give you directions and let you place phone calls all hands free. 

There is much more that Glass does and I will get more into that later.

There is a downside to wearing Google Glass. People that have no clue what it is look at you strange. I think they are sure I am some sort of terminator or something.

But, what's worse are the people that do know what it is and then they start to ask you all about it.

In just the past week, I must have told 300 people what it's like to wear and own Google Glass. Of course, many of these people want to try it on. I have let some do so, but I'm not really big on handing over my Glass to a stranger. Google Glass is definitely not a good choice for a germaphobe. People really want to try on Glass.

There is a feature that lets you screencast Glass to your phone and that let's you show people what you see through Glass without letting them try it one. This is an awesome feature!

I will give a better review of Glass as I continue to wear it and try different things. 

But for now, I have really enjoyed looking through the looking Glass. 

By the way wearing Google Glass with an Apple hat is steeped in irony and I'm sure that Steve Jobs just flipped over one more time. Sorry Steve!

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