FTVLive Test Drives IOS 7 for iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 9.14.20 AM.png

FTVLive has been using the beta version of Apple's IOS 7 for the iPhone for a few weeks now. 

In case you don't know, Apple is releasing a new operating system for your iPhone later this Fall. 

The new OS is basically a complete visual overhaul, which changes absolutely everything the way your phone looks.

The typography and color schemes to the typical icon and button shape all look different than what you currently have on your phone. 

After we got used to the new look, we have to say we like it.  

The number one thing we like is a small thing, but make a huge difference. The App Store gets automatic app updates in the new OS. No more looking down at the app icon and seeing a little "23" in the corner. Your apps are updated automatically and you no longer have to type in your Apple ID for it to happen.

It seems small, but it is one like we really like. 


Another positive is that the battery life of our phone also seemed to increase. Many times we end the day with our iPhone clinging on to the last bit of battery life. Since adding IOS 7 it seems to last longer.

The phone keyboard has changed from squares to circles, not sure why, but I liked the squares better. 

All in all the new OS is a huge change in the way it looks, but no real game-changing new features.

That said, the look of the iPhone OS hasn't really changed since 2007 and it's nice to have a new look. 

You will be able to get IOS 7 in the Fall and it will be free.  

Of course, Apple will also have a new iPhone or two coming out in the Fall as well. And as always, FTVLive will be one of the first in line to buy it.  


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