Filling up with Nike Fuel


FTVLive has never been a big fan of diets or workout programs. We never stick to either one.

We bought P-90X and renamed it P-3 C-Ya...after 3 days we never found the time or the drive to move onto day 4.

But, I did want to try and find something that motivated me to workout and be active. I bought the Nike Fuel Band in November and it really does the trick.

The Nike Fuel Band is a looker. It looks like one of those charity wristbands that people wear. It's just slightly more weighty without being annoyingly bulky.

The Nike Fuel Band users can decide at the beginning of the day what level of NikeFuel they want to reach that day. The Fuelband then displays how close you are to achieving your goal via a series of 20 LEDs that gradually go from red to green as you approach your target. Specifically, the Nike FuelBand uses accelerometry to record data about your exercise, which it can then relay to you as time, steps, NikeFuel or calories.

It syncs with your iPhone or your computer.

The rounded edges and smooth rubber coating mean it's comfortable and actually looks more like a cool fashion accessory than a fitness or health tracking device.

The band is controlled via a single button on front of the Fuelband. A single tap brings up a very retro LED display showing your latest Fuel points total along with a band of red-amber-green that gives you a simple visual guide to how you're tracking against that day's target. The display also has an ambient light sensor so the brightness automatically adjusts.

You build Nike Fuel by being active. We set our goal to 3000 fuel points each day. You have to be fairly active to reach that goal. I have found that if at the end of the day, I'm a few hundred points short of my goal, I'll hit the gym to get me over the top.

So, it really does make me think about being active.

The other thing is it will sync up with your Facebook Friends that also have a Fuel Band and you can compete with them to see who has better days.

The Fuel Band is not Cheap, it cost $150 bucks, but I have found that it is money well spent.

If you're looking for something that will get you motivated to get off the couch, this might be the device for you. 

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