Thought She Looked Familiar

Earlier this week, FTVLive told you about WOIO in Cleveland and the "tip sheet" they posted in the newsroom, to show staffers who they are gearing their newscast to. 

The staff is told to gear the newscast to white women 35-49 that are not well educated. 

They have even gone as far or placing pictures of their target audience around the newsroom, the staff knows who they should be talking to. 

The lady wrapped in a blanket drinking coffee is the person that want watching their newscast. 

Something about that lady seems familiar? Is it an older Monica Lewinsky? No, that's not it. So where did WOIO get this women? 

Wait, now I remember, she was the lady that was on a story on The Onion. You know the fake news website.

So, WOIO's target audience  is a woman that was featured a a website that specializes in FAKE news. 

Huh...seems like a perfect fit.