Chicago Station to put Morning Newscast at Night

As you know, FTVLive is a big fan of WGN Morning News. It simply is the best morning newscast in the country and now the morning news is going primetime. 

At least for one night. 

WGN is giving folks that can't get up early, a chance to watch WGN Morning News at night. 

On September 14th, from 7-9PM, WGN Morning Morning news with FTVLive person of the year Robin Baumgarten, along with Larry Potash, Paul Konrad, Pat Tomasulo and others will get to stay up late and do the news at night. 

We're sure that they will be paid handily for the OT they will be putting in. Right? 

Anyway, it's a great chance to showcase the show to a different audience and let's just hope there is a lot of Paul Konrad segments at the "Courtesy Desk".

I'm telling you, 15% of the time, those segments are really funny.