Blacklisted at CNN...

Here is an email from a staffer that was laid off at CNN.

We present the email without comment:

Just an update on the 1,475 people who were impacted by the "Turner 2020" layoffs in fall 2014 (it's now significantly more than that, since Turner has been quietly laying off people in smaller groups throughout all of 2015 and into this year). Yes, it was a great severance package (as it should have been). But...there are still hundreds of us who haven't been able to find work. Some of us had originally hoped to return to the company. Even if that meant taking a pay cut and/or a "lower" position. After all, we were supposedly "eligible for re-hire." However, it's not a good feeling when you've applied for job after job but are essentially ignored (blacklisted?) by the same company you were so loyal to for over a decade (or more)."Betrayal" and "disillusioned" are two words that come to mind. It's amusing knowing that CNN has done stories on the negative effects of downsizing in corporate America, but in reality, the network is no better than the other companies they've profiled. I wonder how John Martin and Jeff Zucker can sleep at night. But I guess they can, secure in the knowledge that "the Millennials" their underlings have hired are now working in positions that were supposedly "eliminated." While the rest of us are raiding our retirement savings in order buy food, as well as trying to cope with the crushing depression and stress that comes with being unable to find work for such an extended period of time.

OK one comment....This Sucks!