Trump Retreats to Friendly Fox News

During the primary, you could find Trump on just about every channel. 

He called into, MSNBC, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America and others. Hell, if Animal Planet offered him a camera and a mic, he would sit down with them. 

But, now if you want to see Donald Trump you must tune to Fox News or Fox Business. 

Basically, you can blame ABC's ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for this.

Back on July 31st, Stephanopoulos was the first Journalist to go into a Trump interview prepared and be ready to call him out when he lied or made some outrageous claims. FTVLive called it the perfect interview. 

Stephanopoulos did not bait Trump or go for the gotcha, he just conducted a perfect interview that showed Trump for what he is. 

Sine that interview Trump has only gone on Fox, where he knows he will be treated like a friend and not be asked any hard to answer questions.

The problem is, the Fox News viewers are most likely voting for Trump anyway. Trump's appearances with his Fox friends is a akin to preaching to the choir. 

Trump can talk to Sean Hannity till he is blue in the face (we're kidding, it will still be orange), but it's really not getting him anywhere. 

It Trump wants a chance to win, he's going to have to wade into enemy waters.

But, right now, he's happy being in the shallow end.....with Fox News.