Stephanopoulos Skewers Trump in Perfect Interview

Donald Trump sat down for an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos and it didn't take him long to figure out he wasn't talking with his buddy Sean Hannity. 

Stephanopoulos went into the interview prepared and followed up Trump's answers (or non answers) better than any Journalist has down so far. 

It was as close as you can get to the perfect interview. 

Critics will say that Stephanopoulos is a friend of Hillary Clinton and that is why he went at Trump so hard. But, if you watch the entire interview, Stephanopoulos did not "attack" Trump or argue with him. He gave Trump the chance and time to answer his questions and he followed up when Trump tried to lie. 

Watch this exchange about Michael Bloomberg and see how perfect Stephanopoulos  followed up  as Trump was beginning to lie. 

Trump acted as if you could barely remember playing golf with Bloomberg, but then talks about how he hit the ball much longer and better. 

It was the point that Trump's ego, out trumped his lie and Stephanopoulos didn't have to point it out, or do anything. He just let Trump talk and bury himself. 

Of course you have seen the clips by now of Trump's answers to Khizr Khan, whose son died serving the U.S. Army in Iraq. Again, Stephanopoulos was dead on with his questions and follow ups. 

We have taken a number of shots at Stephanopoulos in the past, but Today we have nothing but praise.

It simple was the best interview with Trump done by a Journalist so far. 

Trump might want to run back to Hannity, O'Reilly and Fox and Friends, where he gets nothing but softballs lobbed at him. He just showed he can't handle the hard fastball down the middle.