Swiping the Shit Story

ARLNow.com  is a website in Arlington VA. and they do a good job of covering the news in their backyard. 

A few days ago they broke the story of a Serial Pooper that was leaving....ummmmm....his mark at local playgrounds and how the parks department seems to be dragging their feet when it comes to catching to pooper. 

Well, it seems that WJLA Reporter Ryan Hughes, who has a bit of sketchy past when it comes to his stories and ethics, jumped on the pooper story, but didn't give ARLnow.com any credit.

That stinks (you see what I did there?).

The website called Hughes out for pulling this crap (see I did it again?) and their not happy. 

Now, FTVLive can attest first hand what it's like to have people swipe your stories and give no credit. We recently have begun calling people out and will continue to do so, until these people do the right thing, or just go out of business. 

As for Hughes, how hard would it have been to give the website that broke the story some credit? 

Just asking....