WREX (Rockford) Reporter Nick Jansen did his last live shot for the station on Friday night. He is headed to Peoria and he decided to highjack the newscast with his last live shot. 

Yes, instead of giving viewers the news, he decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him live on the air.

But, Nick was in for a big surprise when his girlfriend said "No" to the marriage proposal. 

Ok...just kidding, but we still hope for the day when it happens and this crap will stop.

Here's the stomach churning video if you are interested (by the way, it's hard to hear and the beginning, but then you can). 

By the way, Jansen's WREX station bio ends with this line, "Before my internship with WHBF-TV, I actually had no desire to work in the broadcasting world. I wanted to work for the National Weather Service. However, I ended up falling in love with being on TV. "

Not in love with Reporting. Not in love with being a Journalist. Not in love with telling people's stories. No.... IN LOVE WITH BEING ON TV....that my friends is why local news is in trouble.