The Roger Ailes Book Deal is Still On

Despite the fact that Roger Ailes is no longer running Fox News and seems to be advising loose cannon Donald Trump, it appears that his book deal is not dead. 

HarperCollins signed Ailes to a book deal 4 years ago to write his memoir. When Ailes was pushed out at FNC, some thought the book would die before ever being published. But, the publisher says the deal is still on. 

A HarperCollins employee says the publishing house is willing to push ahead with the memoir Mr. Ailes signed on to write four years ago—depending on how frank and compelling the manuscript proves to be when it is submitted.

Long before the controversy broke out, HarperCollins and Robert Barnett, Mr. Ailes’s agent, struck a book deal in 2012, according to the HarperCollins employee familiar with the situation. Mr. Ailes’s memoir was envisioned as a behind-the-scenes tale that blended larger-than-life figures from the worlds of politics, business and media, this person said.

HarperCollins believes that a memoir by Mr. Ailes, who formed deep ties to the Republican establishment before building the leading cable news network, has plenty of potential commercial appeal, even though it is unclear how much Mr. Ailes would be able to say about his recent resignation.

Whether the book ever gets published, remains to be seen, But you can bet for sure, there will be no thank you to Gretchen Carlson on the dust jacket.

Just saying.... 

H/T Wall Street Journal