Bo Dietl Dropped from Fox News, Considers Lawsuit Against Reporter

Fox News contributor, former NYPD Detective and Arby's pitchman and alleged Roger Ailes spy Bo Dietl has been dropped from the Fox News payroll. 

"My contract ran out in the end of July, and [Fox] hasn’t renewed it yet,” Dietl told The Daily Beast. “I have not been definitely told either way, though I haven’t been getting any calls [to appear on shows lately].”

New York Magazine Reporter Gabriel Sherman wrote that Ailes used Dietl to wage covert war against his political and personal enemies. Dietl denied his investigations were ever “nefarious” in nature, and proceeded to tell The Daily Beast how—in light of allegations that tanked Ailes’s career—most sexual-harassment lawsuits are just “political correctness” gone awry.

“All that black-ops on the 14th floor crap… it’s all bullshit,” Dietl said. (Sherman previously emailed The Daily Beast: “I stand by my reporting.”) The ex-cop blames Sherman for his on-air contributor contract not being renewed yet. Following Ailes’s ouster, certain extreme loyalists to the ex-Fox mastermind have been paying a price internally.

Dietl said he spoke to new Fox News Co-President Bill Shine over the phone last week and assured him that he never served on a secret goon squad for Ailes. “Bo, just sit tight, we’re looking into everything,” Shine told Dietl, per the latter’s recollection.

Dietl is now, apparently, considering legal action against New York magazine and its star reporter. “I’m talking to my attorneys about a defamation suit and a libel suit, [especially] if I don’t go back on Fox News,” he said. “I want a retraction… Lanny Davis, one of my attorneys, told me to ask for a retraction, and said that if they don’t give me one, we could do a suit against New York magazine and Sherman… I guarantee you, I got a really good case. I mean, his source is a liar.

H/T Daily Beast