Fox O&O's Look at Cuts in 2017

FTVLive has been warning you for months, 2017 is not going to be a good year for TV news. 

No elections, no Olympics and local stations are getting nothing from Donald Trump's campaign.

Because the media continue to give Trump so much free publicity, the orange one has not spent a dime on political ads with local stations. The big money that those stations expected to see is not coming in and that does not bode well for next year. 

You can expect to see cuts and sources tell FTVLive that the Fox O&O stations (AKA The Firm) have already been told to start focusing on next year. That likely will mean that some open jobs will not be filled and budget cuts happening across the station group. 

When one Fox O&O station executive was told about the possible cuts, his thought was, "why not get rid of the Fox stations PR folks? " 

Let's hope that doesn't happen, because you all know how well Fox O&O PR has been with FTVLive. Oh wait, they have been absolutely worthless, vindictive and awful. Yeah, cut them!

But, we can assure you that the Firm won't be the only group that is making cuts. 2017 is going to be a tough one for TV stations. So, stay low and keep that resume up to date. 

Just saying....