Reporter Has Close Ties to Raleigh Shooter

A Raleigh man named Chad Copley appeared to pull a George Zimmerman and shot and killed a unarmed black man, just for walking though his neighborhood. 

Many inside the neighborhood think that racism played a big part in why Copley pulled the trigger. 

WTVD Reporter Tim Pulliam has been spending time trying to talk to people that knew both the victim and the shooter.

Pulliam could have started right in his own newsroom. Shooter Copley is the son-in-law of WTVD Reporter Greg Barnes.

The station made no mention of that in their story on air, but did bury that fact at the bottom of an online story. "We understand the suspect in this case is the son-in-law of reporter Greg Barnes. This was a shock to him and all of us at ABC11. We'll continue to give updates as we get them."