Vegas Photographer Collapses in the Newsroom

Sources tell FTVLive that a Photographer from KSNV collapsed in the newsroom and rescue had to be called. 

Word is that the Photographer had suffered from heatstroke after returning from a long shift in a live truck, that did not have working air conditioning. 

Insiders tell FTVLive that staff has complained to management at the Sinclair station about air not working in the live truck, but that nothing was done. 

Sources tell FTVLive that management was emailed with the complaints and there is a "paper trail" showing that they requested action. 

"On Friday management held numerous closed-door meetings.  Still the station hasn't called a staff meeting or anything.  It's like they want to pretend this didn't happen," said one staffer to FTVLive. 

Insiders tell FTVLive it's like management does not seem the lest bit about their concerns. 

No word yet on how the Photog that was taken to the hospital is doing?