CNBC Falls for Hoax Tweet, Loses all Credibility in the process

Word that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had died would be huge news. Goodell is the most powerful man in television, as networks cater to his every whim and often refuse to hold the NFL accountable.

So when a tweet goes out saying Goodell had died, you would think that a TV network, like CNBC would check the facts on that before reporting it. 

You would be wrong. 

In in effort to be first, instead of right, CNBC reported that the NFL Twitter account did say that Roger Goodell had died. 

He did not and it was another case of a hacked Twitter account, something that CNBC should know happens on a daily basis. 

The idea that CNBC reported the news without verifying i, is beyond embarrassing for the network.

If someone doesn't lose their job for this, then CNBC boss Mark Hoffman should.

It was that big of a screw up. 

CNBC corrected the story, but by then, the damage to their credibility had been done.