Worst TV Market to Work in - No. 1

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FTVLive is spending the day telling you the worst TV markets to work in. It's time to kick off the list with the  worst TV market.

Coming in at No. 1 is San Francisco. 

This is the only market where news crews are accompanied by an arm guard when they go out on stories. So many cameras and gear have been stolen from San Francisco news crews that we lost count.  News crews have been roughed up and assaulted and sent to the hospital. 

Next, let's talk about housing. Got $1500 bucks to spend on rent? That's great if you want to live in a dumpster. The rent in San Francisco is ridiculous. 

Which means you are going to have to live way, way outside the city to find a place you can afford. With traffic, your commute to work could easily be a couple of hours. So, a couple of hours to get to work, a couple of hours to get home, plus 9 hours at work, there's 13 hours out of your day.

It doesn't leave you much time to do anything else. Of course, if you did have the time, you couldn't afford is anyway. 

I could go on and on with why the San Francisco market is THE worst market to work in, but let's just say, you can't afford to live there and you might be killed for your camera or laptop. 

I think that's enough to make you skip San Francisco. 

You might leave your heart in San Francisco, or it might get stolen, along with the rest of your belongings. 

San Francisco is a great place to visit, but working and living there?

Forget about it.....