The Sleaze From ABC News

Tom Llamas made a huge mistake yesterday. The ABC News Reporter asked Trump a tough question when he should have been thanking him for all he does for this great country (well it's not great, but it will be when Trump is elected). 

You see, Llamas works for ABC News and not a 24 hour cable news channel. The cable nets learned a long, long time ago, that you never ask Trump a hard question. You just thank him for being Donald Trump and then give him as much air time as he wants. Then lob him a few softball questions and move on. 

You'll learn Mr. Llamas, you'll learn. 

Now, if you want to follow Megyn Kelly's lead Tom, just tuck your tail between your legs, slink down to Trump Tower and tell Mr. Trump you're sorry for asking a tough question and you and he will be BFF's again. Call Megyn if you have any questions. 

Here's the video of Trump calling the Llamas and the rest of the media out.