Clinton Leaves CNN and MSNBC Twisting in the Wind

Both MSNBC and CNN were teasing the fact yesterday that they would be talking to Hillary Clinton in the 4 o'clock hour.

She made one of those by a few minutes. 

As the 4PM hour ticked away, neither MSNBC of CNN had Clinton on. Clinton had agreed to talk to both networks via phone (another reason you don't do phoners). 

Finally at 4:53PM, Clinton called into CNN and spoke to Jake Tapper. The call took up the rest of the hour and spilled over past 5PM. Which means MSNBC did not have Clinton in the 4PM hour, where she was supposed to talk to Chris Hayes. 

Finally at 5:07PM, while MSNBC Chuck Todd's show was on the air, Clinton called in. So Todd's show was interrupted while Hayes conducted his interview with Clinton. It seemed odd that NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, would hand off the Clinton interview to Chris Hayes during his show. 

Sure it was Hayes interview, but after Clinton failed to call in during his show, either hand the interview off to Todd, or tell Clinton, "sorry too late, maybe next time."

The media has to stand up to both Clinton and Trump and not let them call the shots on the cable networks. Of course that's never going to happen, but we can dream can't we?