Well Would You Look at That.....

We hate to say we told you so (not really) but we sure as hell did. 

Back on April 1st, FTVLive FIRST reported that WABC main Sports Anchor Rob Powers was looking to move to Cleveland and WEWS.

It was a story you only saw on FTVLive, because let's be honest, the others just don't have the deep contacts of this website. 

Well, WEWS just announced that Rob Powers is returning to Cleveland and joining NewsChannel 5's team of anchors and reporters. 

“We are thrilled to announce Rob Powers as new co-anchor of NewsChannel 5 at 6 and NewsChannel 5 at 11,” says Steve Weinstein, the station’s VP & General Manager. “Cleveland truly is home for Rob and his family, and he brings a wealth of experience from WABC, the #1 local news station in New York. Rob knows and loves our sports teams as well as the communities we serve.”

Powers will join WEWS anchor Danita Harris, Power of 5 Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson, and Sports Director Andy Baskin every weeknight on NewsChannel 5 at 6 and 11.

“The dream comes true starting with this announcement,” Powers said.

Since 2009, Powers has been the lead sports anchor and fill-in anchor at WABC.

“I absolutely love the Cavs, Indians, and Browns, but I’d say football is my favorite sport overall,” Powers said enthusiastically. “From Super Bowls to the World Series to the Stanley Cup Finals, I’ve covered literally every major league sporting event and can’t wait to root for and report on our home teams.”

Now, when the other guys finally get around to reporting this story (you know, since there is now a press release) will they mention the fact that FTVLive beat them by over a month?

Of course not, but you know and that's good enough for me.