WABC Sports Anchor Heading to Cleveland for News?

It is not a done deal, but word is that WABC main Sports Anchor Rob Powers has been talking to  a Cleveland station about becoming their main News Anchor.  

Word is that WEWS in Cleveland has told Anchor Chris Flanagan that his contract is not being renewed and the station is looking elsewhere for a new Anchor. WEWS has made no comment on Flanagan's future with the station, but look for something soon.

WABC's Powers is said to be pitching for the job and will make the move from sports to news.

When Powers worked in Toledo he did both news and sports, so it's not like news is foreign to him.

Powers was bumped up to the main sports gig at WABC back in 2011, when he replaced longtime Sports Anchor Scott Clark. 

The Powers to WEWS is not a done deal, but the two sides have been talking and it is said to be close.

Stay tuned....

Note: An earlier version of this story called Powers, Ross and not Rob. I have a good friend named Ross Powers and I typed his name instead.