Comcast Paid Founders Widow $326 Million Bucks This Year

So, do you sometimes wonder where your money goes when you pay your cable bill?

Well, we can tell you that $326 million of it went to 94 year old window of Comcast founder Ralph Roberts. 

The cable giant says that it paid the widow $326 million this year to end its obligations under an executive perk awarded to Roberts in 1992.

The lady is 94 years old, how is she expected to survive on a measly $326 million bucks? You can't retire on that!

Comcast also says it paid $164 million to terminate life-insurance policies that were becoming more expensive each year because of Suzanne Roberts' age.

As for the $300 million + check to Suzanne Roberts, Comcast says that she can expect it to be delivered between 9AM and noon, or between 1PM and 4 on Friday.