Ripa Shuts Out Strahan

Word is that Kelly Ripa is still acting like a 3rd grader that didn't get her way around the set of "Live with Kelly and Michael."

When the news broke that Michael Strahan was leaving the show, Ripa who makes almost $60,000 a day to show up and gab, refused to come to work.

Now that she's back, she's still acting like a spoiled child. 

TMZ cites sources connected to production that say prior to Kelly's protest a few weeks ago, she would sit in her makeup room with the door open and Michael would greet her as he arrived ... but that's all changed.

Now Kelly's door is shut every morning ... delaying any "good morning" salutations, and Strahan believes she's sending a clear message. Although they're putting on a good face on the air -- we're told the tension between them is palpable. 

Strahan signs off from the show this week and word is he can't wait to get the hell out of there.

Not that we blame him.