The Most Accurate Weather

For years, WGRZ in Buffalo was the “most accurate” weather team in Western New York according to WeatherRate.

Now, that honor moves over to WKBW in Buffalo. 

WeatheRate bills itself as the only independent weather forecast verification company in the United States. But, here's the catch, after WeatherRate declares a station the “most accurate” the stations has to pay a fee to use the certification.

WGRZ did just that, they paid the fee and put promos on the air saying that they were the most accurate weather team in Buffalo according to WeatherRate.

Then, the last few years, WGRZ quit paying the fee to WeatherRate and lo and behold, now WKBW is certified as the most accurate. You have to wonder if WGRZ kept sending checks WeatherRate's way, if they still would have been the weather king? 

While WGRZ ran countless promos bragging about being the most accurate weather team according to WeatherRate, now they are poo-pooing the service. 

“The formula for the designation is 100 percent based on your website forecast at midnight,” said WGRZ GM Jim Toellner. “It has zero to do with your morning show forecast, your midday forecast, your early evening show forecasts or any televised forecast, only what your website says at midnight when they collect the data.  We actually did not purchase the seal for a number of years during our streak for a number of reasons, including objections from a certain meteorologist no longer here.  He thought it was so much rubbish at the time.”

As for WKBW, they are happy to tout their new honor. “We always pride ourselves of delivering an accurate forecast and now it’s official,” said Michael Nurse, vice president and general manager for WKBW in a release.  “The WeatheRate seal of approval confirms that our 7 First Alert meteorologists are bringing our customers what they expect from their weather team.  Now we are the largest, most experienced and most accurate weather team that you can count on everywhere in Western New York.”

Just keep sending the checks and all should be good. 

H/T Buffalo News