Eye Witness News

A Tampa Anchor has been knocked off the air with a very nasty eye infection. 

WFTS Anchor Wendy Ryan was having problems with her eye and it eventually meant a trip to the ER.

It didn't get much better from there.  Ryan posted to her Facebook: E.R. UPDATE: I've been admitted to Emergency Room! My doctor thinks cyst has ruptured causing an infection to attack my body! Yikes:(

She included a picture that would make cyclops proud. 

Viewers have reached out to Ryan and offered up a speedy recovery. Ryan has kept her spirits up and thanked viewers for the support in a Facebook update.

"Thank you ALL for your sweet comments and prayers It means so much to me to read them while I'm here in the hospital. I will know more tomorrow but apparently I have 2 abscesses that caused spread of infection:( I'm here for weekend for sure so I'll keep you all posted. Again thanks for your support and thinking about me."