WTF?! Viewer Tells Chicago Reporter She Needs to Lose Weight

Marcella Raymond has been a Reporter at WGN in Chicago since 1998. By all accounts, Marcella is good at her job and her reporting skills are spot on. 

But, one Chicago viewer took it upon themselves to tell Raymond that she is getting a bit heavy and needs to drop some lbs. 

The viewer, who refused to give their name, praises Raymond for her reporting, but says she is just getting too fat and her bosses will likely fire her if she doesn't drop the weight.

It's nice that this idiot is so perfect that he/she (betting it's a he) can write such a nasty letter to a TV Reporter that is just doing her job. 

Shame on Marcella for not looking the same as she did in 1998. Then again, other than HLN's Robin Meade, how many of us do?

I wonder if this viewer ever sent a similar letter to any male Reporter? 

Here's an idea.... if you really don't like the way the Reporter looks, turn the channel idiot. I'm sure you can find a Reporter that is more to your liking in a market the size of Chicago. 

Marcella Raymond is a public figure, she has been in this business long enough to know that crap like this comes with the territory. But, as for the viewer that wrote a letter like this to her?

You're an ASSHOLE!

I'll say it, because I know that Raymond has too much class to do such a thing.

Thankfully, we don't.

Here's a portion of the idiot's letter: