Hair of the Dog

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.34.47 AM.png

WLS (Chicago) Sports Anchor Mark Giangreco went live on the radio and cut a haircut, but it wasn't on his head.

Giangreco was paying off a bet that he lost. The Sports Anchor bet that his alma mater the University of Dayton, would beat Chicago Bulls beat reporter Nick Friedell alma mater Syracuse University.

Dayton didn't even come close, losing by 19. 

So went on Chicago's ESPN radio to pay up the bet. He stood there as a giant "S' for Syracuse was shaved into his chest. 

At first, FTVLive thought it was a "5" instead of an "S", Giangreco used to work for channel 5 in Chicago before bolting to WLS Ch. 7. 

Now as you're typical male, we think this story would have been much better (and got much more traffic) if it was WBBM Sports Anchor Megan Mawicke (pictured) that lost this bet. 

Just saying....