Looks like He Won't Be Back at Work for awhile

Back in July, FTVLive told you that Police entered the WFAA (Dallas) studios and arrested one of the station's employees on child sex abuse charges.

The Denton County Sheriff's Department arrested WFAA supervisor of information technology  Mike Chappell while he was at working at the station. 

Chappell had his day in court and it appears that he won't be coming back to work at WFAA in the next 50 years or so.

Chappell faced a number of charges including 3 counts of indecency with a child sexual contact 2nd degree felonies. 1 count of aggravated sexual assault of a child with sexual contact.

The jury found Chappell GUILTY on all 4 charges yesterday. He was sentenced to 52 years in Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 

Can you call in sick to work for 50 straight years?