St. Louis Station Dives Head First Down Slippery Slope

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 5.36.15 AM.png

KMOV in St. Louis hasn't fallen down the slippery slope, they took a running start and dove head first down the hill. 

About a year ago, KMOV sold their soul and their news coverage to the Bommarito Auto Group in St. Louis. 

The station has a huge Bommarito sign tacked to each of their news vehicle's and dubs their news coverage the, "Bommarito Street Fleet." The Bommarito logo is bigger than the station's logo on the cars. 

Live shots include the Bommarito logo plastered all over the screen. 

Check out this screen shot from the station's website, you see more Bommarito crap than you do anything else. 

While the station is owned by Meredith, you might think by looking at anything they do, that Bommarita owns them.

The idea that a station would sell out this much to a single advertiser is beyond disturbing, it's downright scary. 

Blurring the line between sales and news is never a good thing, but KMOV has erased the line altogether.

While the sales department most likely thinks this is the greatest thing ever, the news department should hang their head in shame.

Uncle Walter flips over one more time.