Media General Managers Trying to Get Out Now

A large number of managers at Media General stations are doing their best to land a new job ASAP.

Sources tell FTVLive, that managers at many MG stations are applying for jobs across the media landscape. As we told you, Media General is being taken over by Nexstar and many current Media General managers know that is not good news for them.

In a close door presentation, Nexstar showed investors that they plan on making big cuts at the MG stations that they take over.

"There is no doubt, there are going to be layoffs and cuts after Nexstar takes charge," said one Media General News Director to FTVLive.

Media General is not offering bonuses to managers that stay until the sale goes through and that has many mangers trying to get out while the getting is good.

One media company with a current GM opening has gotten a number of resumes from managers at Media General stations.

"Nexstar is going to sack GM's and News Directors to save money and bring in their own people, it's crazy if we are not looking for work," says the MG News Director.

For Media General managers, it's a race against the clock.