LA Freelancer Busted by Cops, Cache of Weapons Found

LAPD seize what was described as a “never-ending amount of guns” from a black Crown Victoria on Friday. Officers detained the vehicle which was dressed to look like an undercover police car for having no front or rear license plate.

The driver of the car was an LA TV Stringer, who worked for OnSceneTV.

OnSceneTV is one of the many LA stringer services that responds to police scanner calls and videotaping crime scene footage to sell to local news stations. Kind of like “crime paparazzi”.

While Podell sat handcuffed to a chair,  LAPD found a trunk full of weapons, a loaded rifle and enough gear for a small army. Four additional units including a gang sergeant were summoned to the scene as the car was torn apart in the parking lot.

According to sources, the vehicle that was in possession of Podell “for weeks” was still fully registered to the CHP and no attempt at proper registration was made within the required 10 days ofhim having purchased the vehicle”.

Podell was arrested for having loaded firearms in his car, and his vehicle was impounded for a “number of suspicious violations”.

H/T Venice 311